Car Paint Services

Ignoring paint damage on your car can result in more serious problems down the road. Everyday wear and tear, extreme weather, minor accidents, dirt, debris and even wildlife can contribute to loss of color, a dull finish, chipping and peeling.

When you bring your vehicle in for paint repair, experienced Pristine Automotive Inc. staff begins the process with a thorough inspection to assess all problem areas that need special attention. Our car paint specialists professionally prep and paint your vehicle to the highest industry standards and offer:

The Pristine Automotive Inc. Paint Repair Process

Paint Prep

Your car is expertly sanded, masked and primed for paint application by Pristine Automotive Inc. paint specialists.

Mixing Station

On-site color matching is done from our location. We use only high performance paint with advanced water-based technology.

Spray Booths

Trained Pristine Automotive Inc. technicians apply paint to your car from our high-tech spray booth. Advanced technology reduces contaminants and results in a clean, factory-like finish. Your vehicle will look like a work of art when we’re done.

Premium Auto Paint

Pristine Automotive Inc. offers several lines including DuPont and other well-known brand names paints that resist chipping and guarantee a durable enamel finish.

Get Deals on Car Paint and Other Auto Services

Ask about our basic and premium paint packages that come with full warranties. Combine paint repair with other services from auto glass and professional dent repair to specialty finishing and graphics.

Car Painting Professionals

Unlike certain basic auto repairs, auto body painting requires a level of expertise that only an experienced professional can provide. Don’t risk permanently damaging the appearance of your vehicle by attempting to fix scratches, dents and dings without the assistance of an auto body paint specialist. Pristine Automotive Inc. car paint work comes with a reliable warranty for the period that you own your vehicle.

Advanced Car Paint Technology

Recognized for their durability and superior quality, our paint and protective finishing materials are skillfully applied by in-house auto body paint experts within a secure and climate controlled environment outfitted with the latest industry advancements. Each dust and particle-free spray booth is also equipped with high powered lighting and high temperature air curing systems that consistently produce superb results on every vehicle we paint for our clients.

We provide customized painting services that precisely match your vehicle’s color and restore the original shine and luster following an accident. Offering skillful workmanship, unbeatable color matching techniques and top quality environmentally friendly paint, our auto body experts ensure that our clients get a vehicle that looks as good as, or better than it did before the damage.

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Professional paint repair services preserve the finish and lifespan of your vehicle and increase its value when it’s time to sell. We handle any car paint job, big or small. Whether your vehicle requires significant paint repair or just some basic touch-ups, visit Pristine Automotive Inc. for guaranteed results!